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I am a huge fan of football,F1& tennis. I also love Sherlock! Coupling, and other british shows.
Heads over heels in love with: Germany, Germans, anything thats german, German national football team & Bayern Munich.

By the way things that i post are mine unless stated.
I respect other people's choices! so don't worry if my description does not match with you! you are still my friend! :)
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Wolgast (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)


Wolgast (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

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Ukrainian people brought flowers and candles in memory of those who was killed by pro-russian separatists in the Malaysian aircraft to the embassy of Netherlands in Kiev.

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i’m so happy for philipp lahm though. he couldn’t have ended his international career in a better place. many great players get carried away with instant success and end up finishing their careers in a way they don’t deserve it but lahm was so wise and grounded to realize that….

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German football star Mesut Ozil has paid for the surgeries of 23 Brazillian children to show thanks for their World Cup hospitality. Ozil had orginally pledged to pay for 11 surgeries before increasing his pledge to 23.

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Thomas Müller attends the ‘Young Wings Charity Golf Cup 2014’ at Golfclub Munchen Eichenried on July 18, 2014 in Munich, Germany

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2014/2015 official match balls of top European leagues

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